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As you maybe have seen on my Instagram, we arrived at our second stop: Penang. It’s a nice change of scenery, since we came from the big city Kuala Lumpur. Even though there are a lot of people (from different nationalities) in Penang, it’s quite a relaxed place to be. Yesterday we went out for a city walk, which was very hot! I’m still not used to the heat, haha. Despite that, it was totally worth it. And oh, don’t forget to taste all the local food here, it’s really good! We went to an Indian place (Veloo Villas) to eat, but we didn’t know Indian people eat with their hands.. haha. Luckily they gave us a spoon!:). After our Indian dinner we went to Penang Hill to watch the sunset, which was pretty amazing! Loved the view. We’ll stay here for one more day and tomorrow we’ll be leaving for Langkawi! Talk to you soon! X

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