Well, hello there..

To be honest, I totally forgot that, beside my Instagram, I have a blog as well. I’m wondering why I stopped blogging last year. I always tell people I love to be creative and create cool things. Maybe it’s because I think a picture is worth a thousand words? Who can tell?

At the moment we are in our villa in Canggu. My favorite place on Bali. We just went to the beach for some tanning, because the weather wasn’t that good the last couple of weeks. last couple of weeks? Yes we’re already on Bali for about five weeks, and I really feel at home here. It’s our third time here, we keep coming back, hehe.

So what have we done in the past weeks? A lot! But we mostly stayed in Canggu, because I also have to work here. Luckily I can work from my laptop whenever and wherever I want. The thing we did we loved the most was the Komodo boat trip around Flores (a 2 hours flight from Bali). We had an unforgettable time. Check my Instagram for the pictures! We also went to Nusa Penida, which is a small island next to Bali. We’ve been to Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan before, but never to Nusa Penida. We liked it there, but there is no need to stay longer then 2 days. The island has some beautiful spots, but all of them are very very touristy. I’m always happy when we are going back to Canggu. Maybe we should buy a house here….. Don’t let your dreams just be dreams;). First saving aaaa lot of money for that, haha.

Jorrit is leaving in less then a week and I’ll be staying for another 1,5 month, I guess. Haven’t booked a return flight yet and just extended my Visa. Luckily Emmeliek, one of my closest friends is coming tomorrow and she’ll be staying for 5 weeks as well. Looking forward to pick her up from the airport!

Well, this was just a little update,

See ya! x


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