If you had asked me about Huawei a couple of years ago, I would probably only know it by name, but nothing more. Nowadays this brand is known much better and can easily become Apple’s biggest competitor. Huawei asked me to try their newest Huawei P20 Pro, and I would be stupid if I had said no;-).

The first thing that I noticed was the beautiful design of the phone, very minimalistic and simple. Maybe even nicer than my iPhone 8. I’m using Apple for a long time now, so I had to get used to a Android phone instead. The first thing I wanted to check after I installed the phone was the camera. The P20 Pro is the first smartphone to have not one, not two, but three camera’s on the back. So you can imagine that I was very excited and had very high expectations of it. And yes, the camera quality had pleasantly surprised me! The colors are very real, the quality is very high and it also has a lot of different options. There is a portrait function, which will make the background blurry and you can choose the camera settings manually. The front camera is also good, it even has the ‘perfect selfie’ mode;-). Beside the amazing camera is the phone very fast, water resistant and you can unlock it with the face detector or your fingerprint.

I’m not really a smartphone guru or so, but I think there are a thousand reasons to be enthusiast about the newest Huawei. The only thing for me is that I have to get used to a Android phone. And not to forget… The Huawei P20 Pro is still around 200 euro cheaper than most other smartphones.

You might have seen these pictures on my Instagram already, but these are the (non-edited) photo’s I’ve made with the P20. Normally I add a lot more color and contrast in my photo’s, but as you can see, it’s not really necessary when the photo’s are made with this phone.

ccjfj thumbnail_Image-1

So yes, I do believe people who say that it will become one of Apple’s biggest competitors. What phone do you have and would you ever go for a Huawei?:-)

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