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Me and my boyfriend finally went to Marrakech last week. It was on my bucket list for a long time and I finally managed it! We arrived at night and it was so hard to find our riad in all of the thousands small streets. When we woke up the next day I immediately fell in love with all the colors and the odors. The medina and the souks are very busy and hectic, but there are a lot of hidden gems in Marrakech. So, let me show you around!

Atay Cafe
The food here is really amazing, you should try the beef and plums tagine. The atmosphere here is great and sitting on the roof made me forget that I was in the middle of a hectic city. And oh, don’t forget to enjoy the view!



When I ate my tagine and enjoyed my mint tea, it felt like I was in Ibiza or something. There is a great view on the Atlas Mountains. Nomad is also a great workspace while enjoying your cappuccino. Nomad is located on the Place des Epices.

dsc_0858 img_0451

Le Jardin

Le Jardin really is a hidden gem. You’ll find a small little black door in the middle of the streets that will lead you into Le Jardin. It is so beautiful here. It is a little bit expensive compared to other restaurants, but it’s worth it. If you just need a break of the hectic medina, you should go here and enjoy the peace in Le Jardin.


La Bahia Palace

La Bahia is an old palace and a set of gardens. The back courtyard of the palace – as you can see on the picures – is a beautiful place. You’ll find a lot of beautiful tiles in this palace, which are very photogenic. Just walk around in this palace and explore!


Le Jardin Majorelle

And last but not least, le Jardin Majorelle! It’s one of the most visited places in Marrakech. You’ll know why if you been there! It’ just a dreamy and peaceful place. Just go and enjoy yourself.


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