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After a big radio silence on my blog, I’m back! First I had to stay in bed because of my bruised food, and after that I got an ear infection, bleh. But I’m back on the rails now!

So, we are going to Asia in one week!! And because of the time difference (it’s 6 hours later in Asia) I’m going to prepare myself for not having a Jet Lag. Here are some tips!

1. Avoid naps
Flights to the east are the worst, and yep, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. The trick is to not to go to bed for a nap during the day. Otherwise your body will never get used to the time difference. 

2. Change bed time
If you fly to the east and you usually go to bed at midnight, you might have a problem. When it’s midnight in Europe, it’s morning in Asia. So, before you travel, try to go to bed earlier. When you fly to the west, do the opposite: go to bed later.

3. Move around
Try to keep moving when you are on the plane. Do some exercises to keep the blood circulating which will make you feel better.

4. Set the right time
When you go on board of the plane, already set your watch on the timezone of where you’re going. Your mind will get used to this timezone earlier. 

5. Do exercises
Last but not least: do exercises. When you do a lot of sports before and after you leave, you will feel more active.

janni-deler-flowtsJ1090815Photo: Janni Deler

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