Hi Guys!

Me and my boyfriend went to London for a couple of days last December. I never been there before and we both really liked it. London is a bit expensive compared to the Netherlands, but the city is amazing and there are a LOT of nice hotspots. Today I want to share my favorite one of London: Peggy Porschen.

Why should I go?
Just believe me when I say that they have de best cupcakes in the whole world! they were so delicious. Since I left London, I crave for one every single day. Can they please come to the Netherlands?! Beside that, everything is pink, and which girl doesn’t love pink? Even the bill we got was pink! and those boxes aaaah. You can take away de cakes or you can eat them inside. But just be aware that you have to pay extra when you want to eat them inside. The cupcakes are a little expensive, but who cares, they are so amazing!

You’ll find Peggy Porschen at 116 Ebury St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9QQ. Or just type ‘Peggy Porschen’ on your google maps. It is located on the corner of the street on a crossing. You’ll see it from far away, because – like I said – everything is pink. It’s located on a very lively neighborhood and when the sun is shining, everybody is sitting outside on the terraces. 


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