Hi Loves❤,

Even though it’s still a little bit cloudy, cold and rainy in the Netherlands, summer is coming! I guess the most of us will start their summer holiday in July, and so do I. Did you already plan a trip? (If you’re curious what my plans are, check this post!;)) If you have, here are some travel hacks which will make your trip a lot more easier!

1. Rolling clothes instead of folding
When you roll your clothes, you’ll save a lot of space in your suitcase/backpack.

2. AirBnB
Instead of booking a expensive hotel, go check AirBnB where home runners renting their house or just a room.

3. Scan your passport 
Make a copy or scan of your passport/ID, just in case.

4. Bring a plastic bag
You want to keep your clean clothes clean, right? Bring a plastic bag, so you can put all your dirty clothes in it.

5. Sunglasses case
Put your cables/charges in a sunglasses case, so you won’t tangle or lose them.

6. Avoid a jetlag
You can avoid a jetlag by exercising a lot the day before you leave.

Save travels! X

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